She thought of Everything and Nothing

She thought of Everything and Nothing

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Hey! So, Coming Out Day is coming up soon (Oct. 11) and I just want to post a very stern reminder to NOT out anyone without their explicit permission.

Do NOT out anyone.

Got it?


this is also a less important point, but still worth noting: DO NOT “come out” as an ally. don’t you dare.

Also - don’t feel pressured to come out. You don’t have an obligation to put yourself in an unsafe situation for any reason.

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i’m sure this has probably been talked about before, but this was my favorite scene in the movie. even though steve ostensibly carried the film, natasha had, by far, the more interesting character arc. she’s been working with steve for shield for a fews years at this point and now here he is on her turf—hiding out, sneaking around, on the run. and this conversation is so important to me because this is the root of natasha’s character, this is what natasha’s main internal narrative is about: who do you want me to be? 

this line is the total opposite of glib to me, as much as natasha plays it off as coy, because for so long she’s been a tool of whoever she was working for at the time. (do you know what it is to be unmade? you know that i do.) what kind of person are you if you’ve been torn down and built back up by other people? who are you? natasha isn’t kidding here—she can and will be anything anyone wants her to be. but what does that do to the core of a person? who are you /really/ if all you are is what other people want you to be?

it’s the choice of it, for her. something she decides every day, every moment: who are i going to be now? and this movie was all about her making those choices for herself. choosing to be on the good side, rather than the winning side. choosing to stand next to a man that—at one point in her life—represented nothing but an enemy, and not stop clawing at the evil that sneaked in around them. by the end of the film, it’s natasha’s choice—her conscious, purposeful, self-damning choice—that brings hydra down, that exposes the evil (some of it her own) and wipes them out. 

we first met natasha as natalie rushman, and by the end of cap2 she’s finally herself, red ledger and all. choosing who she wants to be now. and i fucking love that we got to see this story from her.

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